What makes our developments special?

From the very beginning, we plan and design each building in order to achieve a sensible, practical level of maintenance costs (Home Owner Dues).

Reasonable Operating Costs

Achieving Reasonable Homeowner Dues

If there is one thing that we have learned over the years, it is that almost everybody is concerned about his/her monthly maintenance costs—and this is particularly true for owners of large suites who may choose to live away from the City for months at a time. Unfortunately, some developers—particularly those involved with high-rise buildings—do not pay much attention to homeowner dues: instead, they love to advertise expensive to-operate health clubs, indoor pools, 24-hour concierge services, valet parking, etc., all of which leave the future owners with unnecessarily expensive on-going operating costs. Conversely, we plan, design, construct and finish our buildings with future maintenance costs very much in mind, while in no way diminishing the importance of function or aesthetic appeal. For example, we incorporate the following features:




Exercise Rooms

• Building exteriors clad in brick, often with stone trim—which require virtually no maintenance and, of course, never need painting.

• Top quality construction materials with durable finishes (eg. powder-coating of exterior all metal trim instead of simply field-painting).

• High-end equipment and machinery (eg. traction elevators versus the cheaper but more expensive-to-operate hydraulic elevators).

• Roofs that are peaked wherever possible—using top quality roofing materials, enables us to obtain 50-year warranties for these roofs.

• Waterproofing materials selected from conservative, high-end, well-proven products (eg. Laurenco, Sarnafil, Siplast) which have exceptional warranties from major manufacturers.

• Windows selected for their ability to withstand the elements, with an aesthetic-yetdurable, low-maintenance exterior finish plus an exceptional warranty along with excellent service.

• Landscaping that is lush, mature and beautiful—but designed for ease of future maintenance, with no rare, exotic or hard-to-maintain/expensive-to-replace species.

• Fully-equipped exercise rooms with commercial-grade equipment—but without underutilized "wet amenities," such as spa rooms, showers, indoor pools and hot tubs, all of which are labor-intensive to maintain and costly to repair or replace.

• On-site Facility Managers—but no expensive frills such as 24-hour concierge services, valet parking or an expensive-to-operate health club that many developers mistakenly feel are necessary features.

As a result of these and other similar measures, the monthly operating costs of our highend buildings are consistently 25% to 50% less than other so-called luxury condominium buildings—and we havethe facts to back up this statement.