What makes our developments special?

Building structures fashioned from concrete and
steel, with exteriors of brick and stone.

Outstanding Construction Quality

Benefits of Brick

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For centuries, homes all over the world have been built with brick, and no other building material can match the warmth, elegance and lasting beauty that brick imparts to a home. The exterior skin of all of our high-end buildings is made of brick (often with stone detailing) for a very good reason—it is the ideal building material for our Northwest climate. Consider the following:

  • Brick stands the test of time in both durability and beauty, and is one of the strongest materials available for the skin of a building;
  • It needs no protection from the elements—in fact, it is an outstanding barrier to winddriven rain, hail and snow;
  • Brick is also one of the most energy efficient building materials—its inherent mass helps keep a home cooler in summer and warmer in winter;
  • Unlike thinner siding materials, brick's aesthetic appearance actually improves with age;
  • Brick never needs painting, staining or caulking, and seldom needs cleaning—saving thousands of dollars over the life of a home;
  • Due to its density, brick also greatly reduces noise transmission;
  • Brick won't corrode, rust, dent or scratch; it won't warp, peel, rot or fade, and it cannot be eaten by animals or insects;
  • It is, of course, completely fireproof, and won't buckle, melt or produce toxic gases when exposed to high heat;
  • Finally, brick homes traditionally appreciate faster and command higher prices than similar homes without brick, and often have lower insurance premiums.